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RATINGS FOR | Allendale Hotel
3 New Steine, Brighton, BN2 1PB, East Sussex, United Kingdom
value service location
10/30 0/30 20/30

"This is the worst B&B i have ever stayed in in my life! Our stay started ok, the room was small for the price we paid, but we expected this for Brighton. However what we did not expect was the unbelievable rudeness of the owners next morning at breakfast. The b&b rules clearly stated that breakfast would be served until 9am, so we arrived in the breakfast room at 8:45, only to be completely ignored by the waiter for over 10 minutes. When he eventually came to take our order, we ordered the full english breakfasts, which they claimed on their website to be 'excellent'. Well, we would never finds out how excellent it was or wasn't, as a few minutes later the cook appeared from the kitchen to tell us that she was no longer cooking full breakfasts because she had 'turned off the grill', and additionally had 'run out of ingredients'. When we said that we wanted a refund, we were told that we couldn't have a refund because breakfast was complimentary! If it was complimentary, what the heck were we paying ?75 a night for!! Surely not just for the tiny room?!? When we started to complain about this, the cook (owner?) suddenly became extremely rude and un-cooperative, telling us to 'stop being silly' for complaining about the lack of breakfast we assumed was included as part of the price. Eventually after complaining further on the day we left, we were able to get some compensation - ?2.50 per breakfast! We were unable to fnd anywhere in Brighton that would serve us breakfast for that amount, but by that time we figured we would cut our losses and get out before they insulted us further. As it was, we were told by one of the other guests on the day we originally complained that the breakfast 'wasn't that great' after all, so we didn't miss much. My advice to you if you are looking for a B&B in Brighton - stay anywhere else except the Allendale!" About the city; "Brighton is a lovely town with lots to see & do. No complaints there!"

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