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RATINGS FOR | Hazeldean Hotel
467 Bury New Road, Kersal, Salford, M7 3NE, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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0/30 0/30 0/30

"We mistakenly took the English Tourist Board's three star rating at face value and foolishly stayed at this awful fleapit of a hotel. If you are reading this before booking then please trust me and look elsewhere! We stayed on Saturday 3rd December 2005 while visiting good friends nearby, just to have a bed to sleep in and breakfast before heading home. Unfortunately we were unable to get any sleep and ended up driving home at 7 in the morning so that we could get some sleep. The floors in both our single rooms were creaky, the beds were creaky, I had one flat pillow that I had to bend over to get any kind of support. There was an unmarked, dangerous step up to the bathroom that we both nearly cobbled over on, the radiators wouldn't turn off making it too hot to sleep, and when opening the window we were blasted with lorries travelling up the Bury New Road (a main artery to the M62). We have tried 6 times to speak with the owner to get a refund but so far have heard nothing which is absolutely disgusting, yet unsurprising. They are obviously happy to rake in the money from unsuspecting fools like us but unwilling to invest any money in the upkeep of what must once have been a beautiful house. So in summary this has been the worst hotel I have ever had the mispleasure to stay in and would beg with you to find an alternative - you would get a better night's sleep in your car!" About the city; "Manchester is a lovely city with excellent shopping and music scene. I'd recommend anyone visit, and to make time to visit Liverpool too, especially the wonderful "Magical Mystery" Beatles tour!"

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